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Though Scott is focused on Art of Anarchy at the moment, he promises he will always keep himself busy, even if a Creed reunion seems a ways off. I was writing for my next solo album prior to Art of Anarchy contacting me. In my downtime, when I’m not on tour with Art of Anarchy, I’m going to continue to work on that record.When we finish our cycle for this album, I’ll get back to getting that solo record out there.” I wrote in November 2015 that 2016 was shaping up to be a “Great return to form” for Scott Weiland; I do believe everyone deserves a second chance.She claimed the delusions are the result of Stapp's addiction to drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, PCP and crystal meth, as well as his steroid abuse.News of the '90s rocker's troubles come days after he posted a bizarre, black-and-white confessional-style video to his Facebook page.The gossip site also obtained divorce documents from Stapp's estranged wife, Jacylyn, that claimed the "Higher" singer had threatened to commit suicide and had called Jagger's school to warn them that ISIS terrorists were plotting to attack the institution.The elder Stapp, though, has blamed outside forces for his personal and financial woes — vowing that, "heads are getting ready to roll." "Individuals who have slandered me and stolen from me and physically threatened me and physically assaulted me are going to start doing their time, getting busted, getting caught," he said in the most recent video, entitled "Scott Stapp of Creed, Public Statement #3." He also went on a tangent, lamenting that "we won't allow kids to pray to Christ or God in our public schools, but we sure will make allowances for Muslims and Hindus and Buddhists to have their freedom of religion." The video has since been taken down.

"I don't understand why all this is happening to me," Stapp said in one of the videos.

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